Spine Tie – the Chiropractic Necktie

SpineTie.com is the home of the best chiropractic necktie available.  This 100% silk tie features a full-spine x-ray made from real x-rays.  This tie works well as a Halloween outfit or just as sometime to spice up your boring tie selection.  Show off your support for chiropractic by wearing your spine on the outside and proudly stating “My spine is this healthy because I see a chiropractor!”

Chiropractic Necktie

The one-and-only SpineTie

This tie also works well for doctors of any type, especially radiologists and chiropractors.  Imagine using this as a patient education tool, quickly pointing out where a specific vertebra is or describing a curvature in better detail with a flexible visual aid.

Also, imagine the conversations that you can strike up with people on the street who notice your handsome spine.  This is the perfect opportunity to discuss spinal health and all of the implications of your work!

This necktie is available at medical and chiropractic bookstores nationwide, as well as on www.SpineTie.com.  This tie is also for sale in our office for $29.99  and available for orders by phone at (970) 685-8060.

The chiropractic necktie

Full-sized Spine Tie

See more on Facebook, including pictures of actual chiropractors wearing the tie, at http://www.facebook.com/pages/SpineTie/191974034166696


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