Janeen Baldwin – Nutrition Response Testing

Janeen Baldwin – Nutrition Response Testing practitioner

As a young child I remember being sick a lot. I would get chronic ear infections that were extremely painful. It seemed nothing would help the pain. My mother was a nurse and I would get taken to the doctor to get drops to try and relieve the earache associated with the infections. Somehow I made it through. I recall my mother making homemade food for every meal and I believe it was as healthy as my mother knew nutrition to be according to the recommended guidelines at that time.

In my teen years I was very athletic. I played softball and tennis for our high school teams my first two years of school. I was always hungry after practice and felt I couldn’t get full. During this time our family had a garden and really tried to eat fresh vegetables and fruit, however we still followed the current guidelines taught regarding nutrition. I recall getting strep throat many times during these years and would be treated with antibiotics. My senior year of High School I got mononucleosis and was extremely sick; so sick that I missed an entire month of school. I got an award at the end of the year for “most missed days!” During this time I suffered depression and was put on antidepressants to assist my mood. I didn’t like that I needed a pill to make me happy, but this was what I knew at the time that would help me. My sleep suffered from medication and I was continuously tired.

Many years later, my second child arrived. The baby weight came off quickly and I was back into my pre pregnancy pants. I hadn’t gained much weight with that pregnancy and was happy to fit my clothes, that is, until a few months later. After getting an IUD put in for birth control I quickly gained thirty pounds! Still on antidepressants and feeling pretty unhappy with the weight gain, I tried to work out to lose the weight.¬†Nothing seemed to be working. I decided to just live with the body I had and felt it must just be my age and my season to be this way. All of my other mom-friends were dealing with the same issues so it must just be the way it is. At least that’s what I thought at the time.

Several years later, I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome and a Hypothyroid. According to traditional medicine the first disease I read was incurable and the second would need medications to manage symptoms for the rest of my life. Feeling out of control of my health and unable to do much about it, I went along with doctor recommendations and took medications for many years to manage how I felt. I never really felt my symptoms were under control. My health was a downhill spiral.

After moving to Loveland, I made a great friend that told me about this Chiropractor that had helped her with her health after she had dealt with illness. I thought about making an appointment, however I put it off. I attended a children’s event in our city with my three children. Along the booths was this Chiropractor. I began talking about my friend with Dr. Lauren and I quickly knew I needed to set up an appointment and did so on the spot. This was a life changing event for me.

I began a Nutrition Response Testing program under Dr. Lauren’s direction. After several months I felt amazing! Nutrition Response Testing has helped me get well and maintain my health. I look younger and feel younger. My health continues to improve and I look forward to continually feeling¬†better each day.

I believe in Nutrition Response Testing so much that I decided to get trained so I could help others feel better. I feel it’s my calling in life to teach and help others. My training in Nutrition Response Testing has inspired me to further my education in Holistic Nutrition. I’m currently attending Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver and will earn my credentials as a CNTP. Pairing this with my Nutrition Response Testing training will only add to my skill set.

I’m so excited to be able to assist others along their Health Journey. My love for life, learning, bettering myself and helping others is a lifelong passion. I look forward to helping you find that passion for yourself!

-Janeen Baldwin, NRT Practitioner