When are the best times to get babies checked by a chiropractor?

  • After the birth process.
  • When the baby starts to hold his/her head up.
  • When the baby sits up.
  • When the baby starts to crawl.
  • When the baby starts to stand.
  • When the baby starts to walk.
Kolowski Chiropractic Care for Children leaves them smiling and happy. Image of happy Children.

Kolowski Chiropractic Care for Children leaves them smiling and happy.

All parents appreciate the importance of having check-ups for their child’s teeth, eyes, ears, nose, and throat, but when it comes to a spinal check-up, they do not know it is necessary.

Regular nervous system check-ups for your child can be some of the most important check-ups in their life.

Many people are surprised when they hear that children can be helped with chiropractic care. The truth is, chiropractic care is vital for a child’s proper development. Just as adults need a properly functioning nervous system, free of interference, so do children. You may not be aware, but Traumatic Birth Syndrome is actually very common, and often unrecognized as the cause of numerous health problems. It’s also interesting to note that only chiropractors are properly trained to detect and correct the subtle, yet very significant misalignments and nervous system imbalances that can occur either in the womb or during a “normal” hospital birth. “Normal” obstetrical procedures involve pulling the newborn baby out by the head. Your child was meant to be gently pushed and guided out, not pulled! The resulting spinal subluxations can be the cause of newborn health complaints like colic, ear infections, and allergic reactions, even poor appetite and unexplained crying.

Kolowski Chiropractic Care makes a happy infant. Image of smiling happy infant.

Kolowski Chiropractic Care works for infants. Well adjusted infants are happier!

Also, Childhood is a very physical time. The falls, accidents, jumping and running are all part of childhood and they can cause spinal subluxations. How many times does a little one walking for the first time take a spill on their bottom? It would be wise for all parents to have their children’s spine checked regularly.

The spine is the lifeline of the body. Inside the spinal column is the spinal cord containing billions of nerve fibers traveling to every part of your child’s body, sending messages and energy from the brain regulating your child’s health. If there is any nerve blockage along the spinal cord then a state of dis-ease will develop (not being at ease). Dis-ease causes a generalized weakening of your child’s body which can manifest in your child as a lowered resistance to illnesses such as colic or ear infection as well as hyperactivity or other behavioral disorders.

Won’t it hurt them?  Chiropractic adjusting techniques are modified to fit a child’s size and weight. The force needed to adjust an infant or a child is so little that infants are often adjusted while sleeping and do not even wake up.

Parents who have their children adjusted often report that their children seem healthier than other children their own age. We have seen amazing results with our own children as well as the hundreds of children that we see regularly in our office. We look forward to serving you as well.

-Dr. David Kolowski DC

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10 Reasons Parents Take Their Children to See a Chiropractor
(Source: Jennifer Barham-Floreani, DC)

1. To encourage good neural plasticity (brain and nerve development).
2. To support “first-class” nerve communication throughout the body which promotes health and wellbeing.
3. To help strengthen their child’s immunity – encouraging fewer colds, ear-aches and general illness.
4. To help resolve breastfeeding issues and colic.
5. To reduce the detrimental impact our modern world has on our children’s health.
6. Encourages children to thrive by supporting digestive strength.
7. To diminish nerve interference which may impact their child’s capacity to learn and concentrate.
8. To promote body balance – helping to resolve poor posture, asthma, allergies and bed-wetting.
9. To help kids stay fun and light hearted.
10. To help kids stay in tip-top shape.

Kids and Chiropractic

*Note: We do not diagnose conditions or dysfunctions like ear infections or anything else described or inferred on this page. We diagnose the subluxation which can underlie most of these conditions. Our job is to correct these issues, allowing the body to function without this disturbance in the nervous system.