Nutrition Response Testing Loveland Colorado

Dr. Lauren Kolowski, DC

Dr. Lauren Kolowski, DC
Nutrition Response Testing in Loveland, CO

Growing up, I was whom you would have called “the sick kid.” I never felt good, often having Strep Throat, stomach pains or lightheadedness.  I was usually on antibiotic, and thought nothing of popping hundreds of them into my body each year.  Tylenol, Nyquil and other over the counter drugs were a part of my daily routine.  This was my existence from an age as young as 6 to adolescence.  I wasn’t yet 18 years old, and I thought this was “normal.”  When I looked around me, many other people trudged through life the same way, so at least I was in good company.  I figured these health “annoyances” would just go away one day.  It wasn’t until I was nearly 5 years older, and that much sicker, that I realized that these “annoyances” were much more than that.  They were my red engine light screaming at me, “take care of yourself before it’s too late!”  I realized then that “minor” health problems don’t just don’t go away.  They just get worse.   And worse.  And worse.

I was not quite 25, and had just delivered my first baby.  I was exhausted, depressed and overweight.  I looked around and saw a lot of new mothers who were that way as well, and again I thought, “I must be normal.”  I thought this was as good as life was going to get for me, so I slumped into the depression of disease.  I had tried many routs to try and get better.  I’d tried medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, and no one could seem to figure me out.  I felt hopeless.

I then had a friend tell me to try one more doctor before giving up hope.  This man was a Chiropractor who also did a technique called Nutrition Response Testing.  With this technique he had the ability to detect the root causes of the symptoms associated with my dis-ease.  He was able to pin point my nutritional deficiencies and toxicities and design a clinical nutritional program specifically for ME!  I was amazed!  Within weeks I was already feeling better, but it took over 8 months to truly handle the health issues I was dealing with at the time.  I learned that true healing takes time.  I learned that this type of approach was not a Band-Aid in which my symptoms would be covered up and would eventually leave me being as sick as ever.  It was actually going to make me WELL!  At age 25, I felt better than I ever had.  I felt like I was getting younger and healthier, not older and sicker like most people around me were.

My whole family was getting healthier because off the diet changes I was implementing into our lifestyle.  I learned that by eating whole foods and staying away from processed foods and refined sugars and grains, there is a pleasant side-effect of weight loss.  I lost 60 pounds and Dr. David Kolowski DC lost 40, and we were NEVER hungry.  I was still nursing our son at the time, and we began to see him become more and more healthy.  He slept better, got sick less often, and had that much more energy, all because my diet was rich in nutrient dense foods, not sugar laden foods void of real nutrition!  My skin was clearer, my hair grew shinier and faster, my nails were stronger, and the longer we stayed away from the processed foods, or as they should be called “non-foods”, the less we craved them.  Before, I could drink several Mt. Dews per day. Now the thought of a single gulp makes me ill!  I haven’t had a soda in over 3 years and do not miss it in the least.

Today, though the health issues I suffered with my entire life are a distant (bad) memory, I still take my Standard Process supplements and eat the same nutrient dense whole foods while staying away from the processed non-foods.  I want nothing to do with the symptoms that accompanied the nutritional deficiencies and toxicities I endured most of my life, and therefore am proactive and preventative in handling my health.  Each day is a chance for healing, and I take advantage of that.

I challenge YOU to take responsibility for your own health!  I would LOVE to help you regain control over it!  Give me a call when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired!

-Lauren Kolowski, DC