Image of Nutritional Foods of all types linking health and Chipractic Care

You Are What You Eat.
Eat Real, Eat Healthy.

At Kolowski Chiropractic and Wellness, we offer a nutritional healing technique called Nutrition Response Testingsm. With this technique, we use clinically designed nutritional programs for each patient to help address a wide variety of issues in a safe and non-invasive way.

Our food is not just the fuel we need for our bodies, but also the building blocks that we need to build and repair the tissues and organs in our bodies. With the use of Whole Food nutritional supplements from Standard Process and proper guidance on how to eat a more nutritious whole foods diet, our goal is to help each patient to reach optimal health. By allowing the body to overcome various toxicities, immune challenges, food sensitivities, and general organ dysfunction, our patients are able to see a dramatic improvement in their overall health and well-being.

On this program, we watch our patients begin to look and feel younger and healthier, not sicker and older.  This type of healing is not the band-aid approach in which symptoms are covered up, yet the root cause of the condition is left untouched.  With Nutrition Response Testingsm, minor health problems are stopped in their tracks before developing into serious and sometimes life threatening health issues.  There is no time like the present to take responsibility and control of your own health, and start living the life you’ve dreamed of!

One of the pleasant side effects of the NRT protocol for many people is unexpected weight loss. Ask Dr. David Kolowski DC or Dr. Lauren Kolowski DC to show you their “fat” pictures.  Dr. David Kolowski DC has maintained over 100 pounds of weight loss since his college years. Dr. Lauren Kolowski DC has lost all of her baby weight from two pregnancies, and keeps it off with extremely little effort. 

If you are worried about this being a starvation diet, think again.

To schedule a consultation to see if Nutrition Response Testingsm is right for you, please call us at (970) 685-8060.