Image of Healthy Food to show the link between good health and healthy food.

Healthy Food in Proper Portions is so important!

What is wellness?  What is health?  We love these questions!

Too often, we tell ourselves, “Well, I don’t feel too bad today, I must be healthy!”.  Meanwhile, we ignore the dry cough, runny nose, sore back, tight muscles, and everything else that we write off as being “normal” since everyone else has those things as well.

I want you to redefine “Normal” and “Health”.  If your heart was skipping beats, it would not be normal.  The same thing is true with acid reflux, a headache, constipation, diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, and on and on.  These are examples of your body not working the way it was designed.  This is important – I want you to understand this: We are not designed to malfunction!  We are not designed to fail!  What a concept!!

True health and wellness occurs when our bodies are able to do exactly what they are designed and programmed to do.  And this can only happen if all of these functions are coordinated precisely by the nervous system (our body’s central computer) while also having the proper nutrition your body needs for proper energy production as well as all of the growth and repair that is constantly going on in the background.  When everything is working as planned, you should have the very best health you’ve ever had in your life.  That is called “Normal”!

You see, it’s not an “age” thing.  We shouldn’t accept diminished function in our bodies just because we’re older.  At the same time, we encourage all parents to have their children checked to prevent any long-term issues from ever starting.  Imagine life-long health with optimal function!  It’s possible!

This is what we strive for with all of our patients.  We welcome you to contact us and see what we can do for you.