On your first visit with Dr. David Kolowski DC, there are a few short forms that you will need to fill out that will provide a detailed history of any concerns.

We will then sit down together and talk about what you and/or your children have been experiencing, we’ll dig into other questions that can shed more light on the issue, and discuss your goals.

The Latest in Technology, for Adults and Children alike.

We’ll finish the first visit with a comprehensive examination which includes a computerized health scan involving the Insight Scanner which utilizes Heart Rate Variability testing, Comparative Bilateral Infared Thermography, and Surface Electromyography to evaluate the competency of your nervous system. This is the only device of it’s kind that has been certified by the Space Foundation and has since been used by millions of people world-wide, including professional athletes of all kinds. The best way to know if your nervous system is capable of doing the work to help your body heal is to test the nervous system directly.

X-rays may be scheduled as well if needed, however these will be referred out to a different office.